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      Excellent team

      Company profile

      Founded in October 2013, Shenzhen Qitai Trading Co., Ltd. currently employs more than 100 people, mainly engaged in designing, developing and selling products related to bridal jewelry, female fashion clothes and so on. Qitai focuses on B2B & B2C market, sells the products to Europe and the United States on the self-operated website (www.bridalvenus.com) and Amazon platform.

      Qitai adheres to the brand strategy and enhances its core competitiveness by building its own brand. which will occupy a larger overseas market with ingenious products step by step.

      Talents wanted

      We has gathered a group of high-quality industry talents to create BridalVenus. After six years of growth, the company is willing to seek common development with colleagues from all walks of life and continuously provide quality products and services to new and old customers.

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